Tesla-Unplugged Performance

Charge Auto Center is proud to offer Unplugged performance parts, accessories and install services.

below are some of the parts unplugged performance offers for tesla vehicle. please visit www.unpluggedperformance.com for full line up of all parts and accessories available for your tesla.

Model s Plaid Sway bar Model S Plaid +LR Model S Plaid + LR - Model S Plaid + LR

3-way Adjustable High performance Suspension Front upper Control arm set- Billet Adjustable Rear

Package Ultimate Edition Camber Arm Set (2021 +)

Charge Auto Center offers all Unplugged Performance Products for the east coast. call 540-628-0283 or email Cadmin@chargeautocenter.com for any questions or orders.

Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit For Tesla MY $2495.00

Dirt and Snow Coilover

Suspension Kit

for Tesla Model Y $2495

Tesla Model 3 Coilover Kit $2295 to $2495

Model S/LR Plaid BigBrake Kit

Carbon Ceramic

$8995 to $9595.00