Tesla Services

Charge Auto Center services offered to Tesla Vehicles

-Hitch Installs

-Brakes for all Tesla vehicles

-Suspension repairs

-4 wheel alignments

-Tire Mount and Computer Balance-Road Force for Tesla Vehicles

-All tire brands available- Michelin, Continental, bridgestone, yokohama ect..

-Cabin filter service

-12v Battery services

-Door window, wiring repairs

-Windshield Replacement

-Coilovers Installs

_Authorized Distributer for Unplugged Performance

-Electrical Repairs

-Auto Detail for Tesla Vehicles

-Nationwide Warranty on Qualified Repairs

-Custom Wheel Retailer for Tesla vehicles

-Wiper Blades

-Annual Service Maintenance Tesla $499-

Multi-point Inspection includes -

Check front and rear brake pads

Check Front and rear Calipers

Lubricate front and rear Caliper Slides

Inspect Front and Rear Rotors

Check all lights

Check/Inspect tires for abnormal wear and tread depth

Check wipers blades

4wheel alignment

Computer Balance all Tires

Rotate tires if applicable

Add Washer Fluid

Replace Cabin Filter

Lubricate Weather strips on doors

Lubricate door stricker and hinges

Check Ball joint for Play

Check/inspect control arm bushings

check/inspect subframe bushings

Check/inspect drive motor for leaks

Check/inspect Axles and cv boots

Check/inspect tie rod ends

Check/inspect front and rear long/short range sensors

Test drive vehicle for proper operation

Provide Customer with Multipoint Inspect written or Via email